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our story

A decade experience of satisfying our esteemed clients!
Trio Craft Plc, is now more than 10 years in full operation (2005), having feasibility study conducted and its Business Plan developed to submit to the Ethiopian Government (MOTET) in 2004. Trio Craft won the bid for a Land Lease in the Industrial village (Lafto sub-city) and also secured a Bank Loan to cover the cost of its building and to import textile tool, equipment and machinery from India. Since then, the company is serving both the local and international market by providing quality handmade products.

handmade cotton products


Our Philosophy

We mainly concentrate on promotion of Ethiopian handmade cotton products to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of women and youths in the regions. We employ as many workers as possible from different economic levels, but most particularly village women and we offer them various benefits including trainings and workshops. We believe in fair trade leading to social benefits.


  • Commercialize the rich and diverse Ethiopian artisanal, Ethiopian arts and craft,
  • Conserve and preserve Ethiopian cultural arts and crafts heritage,
  • Generate employment and impart new skill, especially for women and youth,
  • Host craft shows and exhibitions to promote culture tourism and enhance conference tourism,
  • Contribute to the export market and thus book national economy, and;
  • To present the environment of Ethiopian by building an organic line of products


Envision to empower young girls and men by training and providing job opportunities.


Trio Craft is a member of ECF Ethiopian Competitive Facility